Intramural Soccer

Please see our intramural page for all of the season info and requirements. Link is directly below.


Intramural Soccer: Our Intramural Program plays small-sided, a structure designed to give each player more "touches" on the ball and thereby better develop ball handling skills. We try to take a lot of the pressure out of youth sports, recognizing that young kids continue in sports only if it’s fun. Our coaches emphasize the importance of team building, fair play, and how to have fun with competition. Although our Intramural Program is a recreational league, we do take soccer seriously, and work hard to teach ball handling skills and understanding team play, while emphasizing the fun and the importance of character.

Please be aware that during registration the notes section should only be used for notes pertaining to yourself or your child (ie first time playing, medical concerns, nicknames, I'm avaiable to volunteer, etc) and is not be used to request placement with other children.

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